Rollercoaster last year

If I had to describe the last year or so, it's been a rollercoaster of things. From projects at work moving at an unreasonable pace to complete turn overs and somehow managing to keep treading water long enough to get to the other side. On the personal side it's been up and down due to stresses from work and some unforseen medical issues cropping up here and there. Burnout is very real and I'm constantly teetering on that very edge.

Of course I try to counter this with different things like building a PC, self medication by playing games to relieve some of the stress but its not always affective. Sometimes things go bad... Like for the first time I might have killed a PC and/or motherboard... Seriously AMD, make everything freaking LGA already. It's seriously panic enducing Everytime I have to remove the heatsink and the processor goes with it...

I'm hoping to get back to some photography and few other interests but for now just of games I'm playing this year.


  • Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers
  • Azur Lane Crosswave
  • Monster Hunter World Iceborne


  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo


  • Danmachi
  • Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

Xbox One

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 OBT (soon)